Friday, February 11, 2011

Black Mirror

Now and again Spo will write how his Muses have left him - and he has nothing to write about. I get that.

Unfortunately, I have never had a Muse......unless I count that handsome devil in the mirror! But even this week, he's been a harsh mistress.

Some days, let alone weeks, are torture to write. I don't know how the professionals survive. I do this for "fun", clearly not for cash.

I wasn't planning on doing my Shopping with Blobby or RotM-Classic segments so early in the month, but I had nothing. Nothing, I tellz ya.

Work has been brutal, but you know I don't talk much about specifics on that, and I won't now. But with that and the frigid weather, I'm ready for a get-away.

As you know, Denton and I are horrible about vacations (scheduling and taking) and such but I'm in need of making plans, even for a long long weekend. And I'm thinking it has to be somewhere warm - but as I look at the map, there ain't much out there that is boasting of "shorts weather".

I was supposed to go to Los Angeles this last week for work and that got 86'd. While out there, the plan was to see friends, but clearly that didn't happen either.

It's not that I want to spend my vacation time out in L.A., but at least it's a thought - and then take a few days in Palm Springs. Yeahhh....that sounds good right now.

Well, I'm off to check flight prices on a trip that will most likely never materialize. There would be no Muse on this trip, just tales of happenings on the road. See? I'd do it for you!

Song by: Arcade Fire


brian said...

Airline prices have gone up significantly!
Capacity has shrunk.
But you had me at a warm long weekend.
It is badly needed.

Anonymous said...

Guerneville, California is just what you need. Small town with great community. Redwood forrests, sleepy river, amazing coast line.

Cubby said...

Go for a weekend in Rio.

Ur-spo said...

If you should see the Muses, will you tell them to phone home and tell me where they put the can opener? It's missing again.