Sunday, February 20, 2011

Four Seasons in One Day

I was down at Cleveland Clinic over the weekend and wandered around, after doing what I had to do. I know most people are in and out of hospitals when they have to go, but I was always impressed by the Clinic's art collection.

One of my favourite pieces is there, and I actually contacted the artist. It was a one of a kind and way out of any price range I could afford - $33,000 !!! Je don't think so. Not that it was for sale anyways.

But the one theme they had going on currently (yes, they rotate it like a gallery would) is 'celestial art'. Some cool star-like art, a few pieces I like, but not house appropriate, I don't think. They are also not for sale. The Clinic does not sell their art.

They also have a few video installations too. The one I very amateurishly filmed is below. A tree that cycles through all seasons - from the artist Jennifer Steinkamp.

I apologize for the unsteady video shoot and even the clumsy editing. At the time of shooting it, I wasn't planning on posting it, or I would have been more consistent about the original taking of the video. I did set it the "film" to a really good Crowded House song though.

It seemed like a serene Sunday post.

Song by: Crowded House


david said...

Maybe you could have selected Our House by Madness. Who hangs out at the Clinic on a weekend? Nothing makes my artistic linguini al dente like video art.

Ur-spo said...

I liked this.
Alas, I often feel time is going this quickly !