Friday, February 18, 2011

Wine, Women and Song

Well, I had two out of three. No song.

Yesterday was my second night of socialization for the week. Two ex-co-workers from what Denton calls my 'temp job' - the one year stint I did just a little while ago.

It was just wine and small plates. Kobe (not Bryant) Beef Carpaccio, some fries with truffle oil and calamari in a spicy tomato based sauce. And wine - did I mention wine?

To be fair, out of the number of people I worked with at this job (and who did not work for me), these are the only two I stayed in touch with. I don't plan on ever using the folks from this place as a reference per se, but I guess keeping in touch with two people doesn't make the year I spent there a total loss.

For not seeing each other for quite a while, it was nice and easy discussion. ....and that isn't just the wine talking.

So, we'll see how social I want to be tonight, since I know I have stuff to do on Saturday too - and that event is a family one, so I have to really gird my loins for that.

Song by: Patty Loveless

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rebecca said...

Oh I'll gird those loins...or the loins of Jeff Bridges!