Sunday, April 04, 2010

I'm Not Dead

Yeah, I know some might find the image to your left a bit sacrilegious, but deal with it. It's funny. You know it is. You know it is.

Is it just me or do more and more and more people greet you with "Happy Easter" or "have a good holiday"?

A holiday for you maybe, not for me. And "happy"?

An acquaintance of mine, Nurse Matt, said he kind of fell into saying "Happy Easter", until he found that when he said it, people wanted to actually discuss the subject.

I don't know why I seem more offended at that and not at "Merry Christmas". I always see xmas as being a much more commercial and less and less of a religious holiday. And well, I think you know I don't believe in the resurrection of anybody.

I guess it comes down to, outside of this blog (and barely inside of it), I don't shove or barely even share my religious view and beliefs down your throat, so I don't know why others to just expect you share, know or care about theirs.

Don't say it is a large holiday and people just are apt to say it without meaning. No one says "Happy Passover" or "Merry Ramadan" - and trust me, there are a lot more Muslims than Christians. So if you're going with the 'it's popular and wide spread' rationale, it's not holding water.

There, I'm off my soapbox.

But for those who need a more palatable image for easter, this is as close as you're getting from me.

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