Thursday, April 08, 2010

Happy Now?

Actually, I am.

Happy Happy??? I don't know about that. I am after all - ME! There has to be a certain amount of displeasure in what I say or do to make me the curmudgeon that makes me, me.

But as I said last week when I got my blood drawn that I would be 'somewhat devastated' if my HDL didn't return higher than it had been. Let's just say I'm not devastated.

Through the power of the Electronic Medical Record and Secure Messaging, I had access to my lab results before my doctor's appointment next week. Sweeeeeeeeet.

Well, sweet because the results are decent. Not great, but decent.

I'm not giving you access to all my results but it is safe to say they were all in normal ranges. However, it was the HDL that has been giving me headaches for the last, um....well.....decade.

Even still with this increase, I'm at the low end of normal, possibly still low, period. Wikipedia says normal low/medium is 40. Where I get my healthcare, they says 45. I am now a 40. I'd feel better if I were a 45.

As you can see, I haven't been this close to "normal" since 2000 (yes, these are my actual graphed HDL results - thanks to that EMR). In the past, I never did heed the call of diet and exercise before - not really. Finally I got on the exercise wagon, but the diet train has pretty much left the station without me.

I'm kind of excited to see the doc next Monday - you know, to get all the accolades for my improvement. I'm pretty sure had I not made these strides, I would have been goaded into taking medication(s) to get me to a normal level. I think I've dodged that bullet.

Now I'm pretty sure I can inch closer to 45 and stay there. I feel fairly confident that my gym routine is there and won't wane.

So, I guess there is something to say for better living.

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