Saturday, April 17, 2010

Brilliant Disguise

It seems that I'm funky. It seems that I look cool.....and that I've possibly fooled you.

If history has taught us anything ("and it hasn't!" - as Homer Simpson would say) looking cool is way better than being cool. So I am golden!

And why would just your friends be fooled? I bet bin Laden doesn't even have facial hair and he has just alluded the half-dozen folks still bothering at this point to look for him by putting $0.50 in the gumball machine at Pizza Hut.

All I've done is grow, trim and touch-up mine at the exorbitant costs of whatever razor blades go for and multiply that by like 18 years.

But sometimes going to Pizza Hut is just too high of a cost.

Song by: Bruce Springsteen


Birdie said...

Wait, wait, wait. Where's the picture? I bought one of these a while back and was able to embarrass the heck out of my kids. Worth every penny.

Curtis said...

Fool your friends!

cb said...

Do you remember those big, bald "evil dr. hugo" dolls for boys growing up? you could give him evil goatees and such.