Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One More Time

Sorry to besiege you with more of my niece, Katie, and her amazing time last Tuesday as a YouTube spotlight artist. It has garnered a lot of attention ( and her "Not Enough" video is closing in on 1.3 million hits so far - in a week!)

...and then there is this guy, MeetChristopher (or funkychristopher), who has taken her song and added drums to it. It totally changes the song - and for the better.

As far as I know, Katie has never played with a band, so this would be an interesting experiment if she ever decided to try it. It could work well for her.

There are times during the session where Christopher's drum track is a little loud for the song, but that's a small criticism. Katie likes it, so do I. I hope you do too.

Song by: the Cure


Birdie said...

The InterWebs make this a whole new world. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

I love it. Maybe Travis Barker will do it next.