Friday, April 16, 2010

Baby, I'm a Star

I don't know if any of you stopped by the YouTube to view my niece Katie's, already eight month old video (ok, I know for a fact that some of you did). But if you did, thanks. I'm not sure why YT picked her "Not Enough", as her spotlight, but it's all good.

The internets sure work wonders. I hate to sound all old-timey, but it is amazing what some social networking traction can do.

When I awoke at 05:00 and checked her account, Katie had about 3,300 subscribers to her account. Pretty normal for her. By the end of her YouTube spotlight, she was up to over 10,000 folks following her.

"Not Enough" had about 10,000 views. By the end of the feature day, she was pushing 682,000!!!!! (as of today, she's closing in on 1,000,000!!)

Of the other three artists they featured, Katie clearly out-performed them, anywhere from 302,000 to 600,000 views (on the day of the feature, that is). But as she so aptly put it to her mother, "I'm young and blonde, who do you think they're going to click on?"

She wasn't being smug, she just knows human nature and how the public guys act and react.

I haven't read the comments she got the other day, but she emailed me saying most were nice and supportive but some were "vile". She doesn't take either extreme to heart, or head. She's a pretty solid girl.

So, I'm not a star - but Katie is. And as David so nicely said, I'm fantastic by association. I can deal with that.

Song by: Prince & the Revolution


A Lewis said...

Honey! Please....some of us have always known you were a star.

Anonymous said...

She is awesome! She will go far, I am sure. And to think I would have missed her if I hadn't just dropped by!

Could you please update my link url? I moved to wordpress:

I would really appreciate it!

Mucho gracias!

tornwordo said...

She reminds me a bit of Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johanssen. Does she want to act too? Cuz Woody definitely has a role for her.