Sunday, April 11, 2010

Site of the Month

I will rue the day I decided to do this. Rue it, I say!

As it turns out, I'll RuPaul it.

I blame Pat R. who put his variation on Facebook and I immediately chided him for his submission. Then I realized I didn't have a Site of the Month for April and we're pushing mid-month. Then I though, oh, what the fuck.

And I'm not so serious about myself that I couldn't do this virtually. It's not like you're seeing me do it in person. Ever. (shut up Morty!)

I can count on one-hand the number of times I've seen RuPaul's Drag Race on Logo.....and I think we saw two of those the other weekend when Morty, Dith and Becca were here. Painful to see Henry Rollins delegated to a role of judge - for drag queens. Overall, it's just a very tragic show. (and for the record, RuPaul is much scarier as a man than a woman!)

It was fun watching it as a group though, but not so much when it was just Denton and myself.

So anyhooo....I took Patrick's cue and got all gussied up. Ok, maybe I went a little over the top, I mean, I don't even drink martinis. The rest is pretty accurate though - I mean, if I were Dame Edna.

In a certain way, this face close-up is very Warhol - dontcha think? Hello? Anyone? Anyone??

g-d, it sucks when I don't have anything else to blog about. But feel free to go to the site and dress you up in my love.


A Lewis said...

Honey, please! I think parts of it are actually a bit entertaining and fun. Whimsical. Nothing that's going to make me drool or induce rapid pupil dilation. But, still, some sort of frivolity....isn't it? I'm not a die hard fan. But have watched it a few times.

Unknown said...

I thought you posted that in honor of the Oompa Loompa who passed. BTW, I worked out with HR at the gym back in the day and he has some fierce BO.

cb said...

Perhaps a bit "PickAsso" too. :-)

Birdie said...

Oh, honey, it's so you.

Blobby said...

Oh c'mon - is there anyone on earth who doesn't think Henry Rollins would have fierce BO?

....not that that is a deal breaker!

I haven't kept up on any of the Oompa Loompa status for years now!

RAD said...

FUNNY!! I need to go do this too...