Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Diamond Life

Tis the season.

And like a holiday where one might use that intro, you're bound to be underwhelmed and even disappointed. It's just this season lasts six months. Seven if you get post-season play.

Of course, this could be our year. Well, it could be!

This last Monday opened major league play for baseball. Yayyy.....and well, boooooo. There is really no in between here. Love it or hate it, that's the deal.

Do you know what it is like to sit in a stadium built for 78,000 and be one of only 3,000 there? I do. It is a good thing I'm such a masochist, or I couldn't be a Cleveland Indians fan. But I am, and I am.

Only seven times in my life have I held out such hope for good outcome and they've all been since 1994. {sigh} Yes, since '94 we have been in the playoffs seven times and in the World Series twice - both times taking it to Game 7 for the loss. I went to Game 4 of the '97 Series. Yay me!

I think my favourite me/Indians story is the '97 playoffs where we won to advance. Denton and I were in the Keys and instead of going out and having fun, I made us stay in and watch the ballgame. We won. I jumped up - raised my hands in excitement and caught my right hand in the moving ceiling fan. Fucked up the fan - really fucked up my knuckles.

No good deed goes unpunished.

I should mention that we started the 2010 season with a loss to the Chicago White Sox. So right now we're at .000. GO us! But to be fair, three other teams in the AL Central are in the same standing. It's the great thing about opening day, you're either 1.000 or .000. No in between.

The home opener is next Monday, but I won't be going. It is the one day you can guarantee the Indians will sell out. There was a time in their heyday that they had the longest streak of sell-outs, but those days have passed.

But there is one shining thing about the 2010 season: Travis Hafner is back in the line-up, missing for almost two years due to injury. He is the man I'd leave Denton for. And if for nothing else, I can post the pictures of his 6'3" 240lb frame. I'm just sayin......

Possibly my new favourite of Pronk

Or maybe this is it

No No.......this is definitely it. Yes. Yes, this is the one

This is nice, but I'm still going with #3......or possibly #1

Song by: Sade


Birdie said...

Your future husband looks a whole lot like you. Just sayin'.

Blobby said...

Denton has accused me of me wanting to sleep w/me, but I only kind of see it. But it does bring up a post I did two years ago

anne marie in philly said...

"It's the great thing about opening day, you're either 1.000 or .000. No in between."

phillies/mutts/fish are tied for first place in the NL east...but not for long...I am so glad baseball season has returned I could just shit for joy (not literally)'s the only sport I follow...can we 3-peat this year...only time will tell...


brian said...

I won't make the game either.
If Pronk can produce,I see your point.
The recent exposure of Grady,has had the same effect on me.

Blobby said...

Brian -

While Grady has a nice body, no doubt, and is a good player, I was unimpressed by most of thsoe pics.

If he can cover 'it' up with a cup of tea, I don't know. Call me when he has to use a 32 cup from 7-11 to hide the junk. :)

brian said...

So true! Maybe the room was very cold. After all, he is half black! The question is which half?

Blobby said...

Grady Sizemore is half black?? GET OUT! Is he really?