Thursday, April 01, 2010

That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

Yes, it's April Fools - but who's laughing?

In my past lives, I didn't mind work-travel. What the hell has happened these last few months?

No offense to those of you who are parents, but I am beginning to hate children. HATE them.

Special lines at the PHL airport to let families through - even though everyone else has been waiting in the TSA line for - get this - almost one and a half hours? But you get to stroll up and to through because you forgot to use protection? To be honest, I'm not sure if it's the kids or you that I'm beginning to despise.

And to the lady on the plane with her two kids who are dressed in Batman outfits - it is a frickin' 52 minute flight from PHL to CLE. Why exactly do your kids have to go the bathroom twice - each!??! And why do you have to take them?? It is a 60 seat jet, no one is kidnapping them. And finally - how, How, HOW did you fit all three of you in that fucking bathroom?? It is not like your kids are 2 and 3 years old. They were like 6 and 7! It's a little amazing and a LOT disturbing. Anyway - I hate you all.

Anyway, Philly was good. All work and one great meal. If you're ever in town I highly suggest you going to Buddakan (yes, insert Cheap Trick joke here). You know I would much rather moan about stuff than praise it, but I can't say enough good stuff about this place. We had a selection of six or so appetizers and the same amount of entrees - each one better than the last. The homemade doughnuts were incredible too. I give it 5 stars.

As for the above image? I was on the way to the airport and found myself sitting in front of a construction mess......and Independence Hall. I snapped the pic before the light turned green and we took off.

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Brett said...

AS a frequent flier, I feel your pain! I also get tired of all the special pre-boarding on flights...and in the markets I fly to (90% international) you have all the little old ladies who shuffle along, and the mothers who are struggling with three babies while the husband walks along without them...That being said, I think that these families could make some money by renting the babies/kids out to the business travelers so we can board faster!

BTW - I enjoy reading your blog a lot ~ when we moved to the US, it was to Ohio (I know..why..) and ended up living in Painesville, and my dad worked in Cleveland.

Take care,

Jonny said...

Or the special parking spots at the grocery store reserved for shoppers with children.

Like Hell! If that's the closest spot, I take it.

Birdie said...

I don't mind kids so much as the parents who cater to them. THAT drives me crazy. When my kids were little and some parents actually had the nerve to challenge my strict parenting, I told them I knew more than my children did. That put me in charge. They were aghast. Every Sunday I see parents treating their children as though they are peers, bargaining with them to go to class. No wonder so many are growing up with a sense of entitlement. Gah.

Dith said...

I'm with Birdie. It's not usually kids who are at fault when they become little ass monkeys. It's the ridiculous parents.

Same goes with dogs. They're not born bad.

Have you ever pretended to be pregnant in order to park in the "expectant mothers" space?

A Lewis said...

Don't get me started on unruly children. I will walk right out of a restaurant before even sitting down nowadays if I seen loud children. And I will asked to not be seated by them. No thanks.

anne marie in philly said...

that's a great shot of my home town...the very old next to the very new. and yes, buddakan kicks major ass in the food department. thanks for the tourist plugs; come back and visit us soon!

as for kids...f-ing UGH...HATE the little m-f'ers. can you tell I have no crotch fruit (a term stolen from ravelry) of my own?