Monday, April 12, 2010

So You Want to be a Rock & Roll Star

I should post this tomorrow, but the 12 of 12 is kind of fucking that up. I'm trying to abide by the rules and post shots I will take on the 12th.

Tomorrow however, the 13th, my niece is going to be on YouTube. Well, you might recall, she has been for the past few years, but this is different. I will put her text to her father here (as it was written):

hey dad! the manager of the music department @ youtube emailed me...shes featuring me on the home page for tuesday music spotlight.


I'm not sure why 'dad' got the text and not 'mom', but I'm sure there will be words about that later. There always are. (you see, mom and daughter are exactly alike, though both would loathe to admit it.)

Naturally, I went to YouTube to figure out where the music homepage was, but couldn't quite find it. At least I don't think I did. I can't be sure. This new-fangled interhighway just befuddles me.

Katie an incredibly talented kid young woman, who has about 3,400 subscribers to her YouTube account and about 70,000 hits to her videos. I'm one of them and have watched everything she has posted, each a number of times. I have my favourites, of course. She hasn't posted much of anything since starting college - I'm not sure how she's balancing her time.

My sister says, this is the url, but I don't know this for sure and probably won't until tomorrow. I will post an update on this post early Tuesday - as soon as I know for sure how to direct you.

I know it's a proud uncle talking, but of course I want to direct buzz her way. Who knows what she'll do with her talent or where she'll go. But if she becomes famous, you can say you knew here when.

Song by: the Hollies

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anne marie in philly said...

uh, I think the byrds sang today's blog post title...just sayin'... ;-)