Monday, April 19, 2010

Brothers on a Hotel Bed

My sister sent me this image of her two dogs - Petey (the beagle) and Boomer (the miniature Australian shepard). (click on the pic to enlarge, of course - it's cute. do it!!)

Poor Petey, he is so put upon. He never makes a fuss and is like, the best dog ever. Boomer is all about the fuss.

The dogs want for nothing. They have their own individual beds, but Boomer, as you can see, has no personal space issues. From time to time, Petey will take Boomer's bed and double stack it so he has both beds, so maybe that's why Boomer bunks with this brother. Paybacks are hell.

As it turns out, Petey is a freeze baby. If it's under 40 degrees, he sleeps on top of the heating vent and has to be pushed/dragged out the door, because he'd rather hold "it" than go outside to do his business. So I'm sure Boomer laying on him is a good source of heat for him.

Still it is a horribly cute picture of the two.

Song by: Death Cab for Cutie


tornwordo said...


Birdie said...

Petey sure looks happy. This picture gets serious cute points.

A Lewis said...

Smooches to the Pooches.

Stash said...


I am a beagle/basset hound freak.

So cute, I love it.