Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hello Earth

Because my carbon footprint isn't like a 14 triple D enough, I went and killed the planet just a little more yesterday. You can thank me later.

It was the first time in 2010 that I cut the lawn. I fired up the old Honda mower and went to town, cutting down about a half acre of grass - overgrown grass at that.

Oh, but while I was doing that, I also was running the snow blower, to attempt to drain it of any gas left in there, so I can store it for the next seven months. I was going for noise and air pollution at the same time. Never say I'm not efficient.

Sorry Mother Earth.

But it is Earth Day, so I eked by without violating the day, right? I can totally make a fresh start this year by doing good. I'm not sure what that is yet, but I'm sure I can find something. If I had a shower at work, I'd ride my bike more during the summer, but we don't - and as we all know by now, I sweat and stink while doing the littlest of exercise. No one is gonna wanna see/smell me for 10 hours.

Maybe I can check in with AltUse and see how to best utilize some common household stuff for other uses. It's kind of like an online Hints from Heloise. It's about time that bitch went cyber. I'm sure it can tell me how to use that calypso, right Becca?

Song by: Kate Bush

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Stash said...

So that's why everyone was out of the office today. LOL.