Monday, April 26, 2010

Move Away

This is just a head's up for my readers. I'm hoping for no disruption in service over the next few days, but I can promise nothing.

Those of you who have been around since before, what, 2006 (?), I published my blog off of Blogger......when Blogger was still Blogger and not Blogspot.

Even though I have my own URL now, I still use Blogger as my editor and FTP, mostly because I'm lazy. 

But Blogger is making me migrate. Yes, making me!

FTP publishing will no longer be available after May 1, 2010
You currently have blogs that are published using FTP. You must migrate your blogs to a new custom domain URL or a blogspot URL. To learn more, see our dedicated blog and help documentation.

To be fair, I knew this day was coming since February and I could have migrated anytime before this week, but true my nature, I'm waiting until the last minute, leaving me no, or little, time to troubleshoot should something go terribly wrong. And you know my luck with my FTP and Hosting issues. 

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

It doesn't help that I am traveling most of this week, so I will migrate today, do or die. Most likely the latter. But there might be help from me yet - from a higher power. I mean Denton, of course.

Fingers-crossed, fellas. Fingers-crossed.

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tornwordo said...

Well now it's working though your subsequent posts haven't shown up.