Friday, April 02, 2010

Hot Blood

I'm totally psyched about the blood draw I had yesterday.

Ok, I wasn't too thrilled about fasting for 12 hours, but it's not like I was doing a Bobby Sands kind of thing. It was only 12 hours without food. I did just fine.

I actually am excited about my blood results, not so much about being stuck. I'm hoping hoping hoping that my HDL has risen. It has always been low and the doctor for years has been telling me that it will only change with diet and exercise. Ugh, I would say.

Clearly, in the last year, I've changed my tune - at least about the exercise part. And I've been diligent and consistent in my gym routine, so I am cautiously optimistic that my good cholesterol will be heading in the right direction.

The only other way to change the HDL is by medication, which I'm not really willing to do if I really really don't have to. My LDL and Total cholesterol is fine, as are my triglycerides. Or at least they have been in the past. Since it's been almost a year and a half since I've had them checked last, we'll see what has happened.

To be honest, I'll be somewhat devastated if it has not moved somewhat in the right direction. I don't expect it to be in the normal range, but at least getting closer.

As a side note, where I went to get my blood work drawn has two labs in two different locations. I went to the one closest to me (right after my gym routine. I figure that might help - right?). Anyway, I went to location #1 where I don't think they could have been any ruder to me if they had tried. In so many words, I told them to fuck off and walked across the campus to the other locale.

They were great and I got stuck (as you can see above) and was out in a matter of two minutes.

I do love this though: no more tape on my hairy arms to rip off (the bandage and the hair). A cool, temporary ace-bandage like thingy that you keep on for 20 minutes, unpeel and discard. Poifect, as Curly, would say.

So I won't get my results back for another two weeks at my appointment. I'll let you know how the numbers turn out - good or bad.

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Morty said...

I almost fainted just reading "12 hours without food."

What's that cheetoh-looking thing on the needle?