Sunday, April 25, 2010

Let it Roll

Yesterday I did my once every two year bowling expedition.

By most skill sets, I am not a bowler. Not really.

It's not a "sport", I despise, I just have no natural skill set to do this on any kind of regular basis. And whenever I go, it is normally for some kind of fundraiser or something like that.

This time it was Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Don't get me wrong, it's a great organization, but I have no aspirations to become a Big Brother. I'm no role model for even the least mentored kid ever. It has almost nothing to do that they'd never let me qualify. It is just easier to reject them first before I get the rejection.

Just because I can't be a Big, it doesn't mean I cannot contribute to those groups that do good work. My contribution was this:

Putting on used shoes that would make Marge Simpson say: "they're a little warm and moist!"
Actually, they weren't, and they looked good on me. "You sure have big feet for a cameraman, Blobby!"

...and look at that form! I look like such a pro!!!

Clearly I bowled like one too. At least on the first game. Get this: I WON!

My score was only 158, but it was almost 30 points higher than the second place guy - who happened to be Denton. For my efforts, I won four tickets to any Cleveland Indians home game of my choice (up to and including June 30th). And I can break those up into more than one game. Nice.

The second round I did ok, but I did not win. I placed like 5th out of 40 folks. Not shabby.

And while technically, "we" won an award for donating the most money of the group, Denton got the prize, mostly, I suspect, because his name appears first on our joint cheque. Of all the nerve!

We tried to turn down the prize and re-donate it to the organization, but they wouldn't hear of it. That's nice, but I feel like we were taking away from a group who might have needed it more than us. Don't get me wrong - I'll spend it. Or co-spend it.

Oh and get this - we also were presented tickets to four free games at the bowling lanes.

Maybe we will be going back sooner than later.

Song by: Kim Richey

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david Joseph said...

Nice. The richest nation in the world is a donation.