Thursday, June 06, 2024

the World is Not Enough

Yesterday was Global Running Day. 

I know you already knew that.  

I ran twice. I did a morning four miler. That was on my own. But there is a community run in the evening - an untimed 5k that brings (in theory) all the running groups of Cleveland together. 

Last year, there were probably 900 folks participating. This year, it might have been half of that. No doubt it was due to the weather forecast. 

On the way to the gathering, it poured, but for only 6-7 minutes. Still it was dark out as we waited for things to get going. They wanted a bunch of Kumbaya stuff, everyone else wanted to get running before the storm hit. 

As they finally counted down - the heavens opened up. 

They should have called the race, but they didn't. I shouldn't have run it, but I did. 

Rain is no problem, but there was lightning over Lake Erie. Not a lot, but still. And no one knows if it was going to stay over the lake. 

In theory, I had gotten my free t-shirt. I could have just gone. But I ran. It was untimed, but it doesn't mean I didn't try hard. I mean, I didn't kill myself - and I did stop to take a picture. And I had to stop in the first mile to tie my shoe. 

Oddly, like last year, I still felt like an outsider. I knew more people, but the conversations were barely that. Two people with which I spoke , we had longer discussions - both had run the marathon, one did it in 3:33 !!!  He is 40 years younger than I !   Fucker. 

Still, I enjoyed the run, knowing (read: assuming) like last year there'd be ice cream sandwiches at the finish.  WRONG!!

There were not. Popsicles. 

I'm going on record. I thought I was snagging a pineapple one.   WRONG!!

Who The FUCK - makes banana flavoured popsicles??????

Disgusting. I tossed it. I'll say it again, bananas are the only thing that should taste like bananas. 

Oh here is the photo for which I stopped my run:

It started pouring when I got back to my car and on the entire drive home. But still, I got out and was active. These are things I need. 

Technically Friday is my 'rest day', but since I ran twice yesterday, I might make it today. 

Song by: Garbage


James Dwight Williamson said...

I love bananas 🍌 and banana popsicles on my men .

Old Lurker said...

I am not sure we should put up with this slander of banana bread.