Sunday, June 02, 2024


The other day, Mark mentioned in a comment on by BLOTUS/guilty post that he had read the planets were aligning in such a way at the conventions that that would create "bad juju". 

I think it's safe to say both conventions will be a shit show. How are the MAGA-gots not going to try something / anything at the DNC convention?  

How or if that has anything to do with astrology or astronomy is questionable at best. 

However.........his comment also reminded me that there is planet alignment coming up.....and it is TOMORROW. 

What is called the Parade of Planets will happen when six planets will align in a straight line, visible just before sunrise. 

Now according to NASA - as if they're experts! - only two of the six planets supposedly on display (Saturn and Mars) will actually be visible. 

In early June, Jupiter and Mercury will be at or below the horizon in morning twilight and not visible; Uranus and Neptune are far too faint to see without a telescope, especially as the morning sky brightens.

With the luck I have with celestial events, I'm guessing the only planet I'll see is Earth. And that's only if I remember to look down. 

The reality is, I see Mars, Venus and Jupiter with regularity. Not always in the same sky at the same time - and not in a line, but they can easily be viewed with the nekkid eye. And I don't even own a telescope to see the others even if we could see them that way. 

The closest thing to a planet parade will be June 29, when Saturn, the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter will line up across the morning sky.  For those who are educated by the state of Florida, no doubt DeSantis has eliminated the fact that "the moon" is not a planet. 

And you can guarantee he's deleted anything about there being a "dark" side. 

Song by: the Secret Sisters 


Raybeard said...

Puts me in mind of my all-time favourite film, which there's no need to name - but, just in case, a clue - 1968.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Oh to see that up close.

Ur-spo said...

I regularly look to the stars. I have a sky chart pinned to the wall in the laundry room. Every day I turn it. It makes me feel I am the one turning the night sky.