Saturday, June 08, 2024


Cat pics. Some dog pics. Seems Simon heavy. That's appropriate. He's just gotten his one-year gotcha date with us this last week. 

Checking out something on 710's bedside table. 

Shep is happiest on car rides. 

This guy is WAY into tuna. 

Shep wanted his turn, but I don't think Simon left a thing. 

Curious. I had to clean the stove after an overspill. Simon was way too interested. 

Weekly lake visit. 

Harder to tell, but he's leaping up for something. 

Song by: R.E.M.


Raybeard said...

Born entertainers - but with those occasional heart-in-mouth moments so need keeping eyes on.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Simon is a Bruiser and Shep remains ever adorable.

Travel said...

Meow, Woof,

Old Lurker said...

Happy grabiversary to the little fascist.