Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Wild Horses

I'd like to know what Ralph Lifshitz has on the US Olympic Committee.

For the 183rd time, he and his company are clothing the US Olympic team.

Or NASCAR, from what I can tell with the image to your left. 

Seriously, are there no other "designers"* in the US? One that might cater to actual athletics that aren't just polo (see what I did there?) and the America's Cup? 

These look somewhere between Formula 1 racing fireproof outfits or something for ISS loungewear. 

Yeah - I get red, white and blue. And these are not as heinous as other things he's made, but the horse.  Sure, it's his brand, but maybe - just maybe - this isn't about him or his company. 

Yes, I hear myself as I say it, but are people seeing this and going, I MUST get to a Ralph Lauren store NOW!!!! ???   No. No they are not. Honestly, I don't even know if they have brick & mortar outside of their flagship in NYC. 

This is just an old man rant. I really don't and shouldn't care. This affects me in zero ways. It's not drawing me to watch the olympics. 

*well, you know he designed absolutely nothing here

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Travel said...

I hope at least the garments are made in the USA this time, and not China. The jackets look kind of warm for Paris in the peak of summer. The white jeans look ready for the White Party.

Anonymous said...