Wednesday, June 05, 2024


I'm really not doing two mental health posts in a row - at least about me.  ....but in a way, aren't they all?

I completed a four mile run yesterday and was literally drying myself off (very hot; very humid), and I saw it coming. 

I mean, people on the ISS could see it coming. 

Anyway, if anyone thinks I'm crazy (a word my psychiatrist doesn't really like me to use, btw...), there are some mental health challenges going on with this guy - and his ilk. 

What you cannot see is there are two additional flags of similar size and nature flying from the passenger side as well. 

His license plate?  FREEOH. 

This guy seemingly was just cruising the streets and the metro park system for whatever reason. I'm guessing to stir shit. 

Now, where I was running, the area of town, is more conservative than where I live. So you know, what to do........what to do? 

Two female hikers kept yelling at him. At first I thought it was of support until I made out what they were saying:  "34 CONVICTIONS !!!!!!    34 CONVICTIONS !!!!!!!". 

It made me smile, as it could have easily been pro-whatever. 

Now, these women were togeher, but about to head out on a trail that you know, wasn't overly populated on a Tuesday morning.  Over my run, I only passed like eight folks, half of them twice when I was going out and coming back. 

Guys like this are unpredictable, right? Who knows what someone like him would do to women - let alone women who don't fall in line, in his mind. So I was keeping an eye.

He started SCREAMING at them:  "you'll believe anything you're told!" over and over. 

While there were a number of cars in the parking lot, it was a golf course, so everyone was out on the course. So, he hadn't seen me. 

I then screamed at him:  "You're one to talk. You've bought the bullshit!".   

He hastily drove away, up the hill away from the parking lot. Away from me. Away from the women. 

Maybe he was going that way anyway. Maybe not. 

Maybe he heard me, and realized the error of his ways and went home to burn the flags. I'm sure that was it. 

Song by: David Bowie


James Dwight Williamson said...

Sad but a big guy. , scares small bullies 😊

Travel said...

Crazy is a starting point.

Old Lurker said...

You are pretty charismatic. I agree that he was probably swayed by your impeccable reasoning.