Sunday, June 23, 2024

Teach Me

Our new-ish neighbor Jason (yes, I think of Friday the 13th, each time I say his name) got his asphalt driveway done earlier this week. 

It looks good, by the way. 

More interesting was this sign that the vendor put up during the process. 

710, I think, read it wrong as we were walking Shep. 

His assumption was that teachers had to take a second job and it was sealcoating. 

Since it said 'former educators', I assumed that smearing hot tar on a driveway paid better than babysitting your little snots trying to get them to learn anything, so they quit that profession. 

And I'm probably correct. 

Besides the discipline thing, and the helicopter parents thing, and the school shooting thing - now teachers have to deal with what you can and cannot say, teach, show, imply. And in certain states have to explain to your kid from the blended family how daddy shouldn't have coveted his neighbor's wife, which is why she's now your stepmom..............cuz it says so posted on the bulletin board next to the lockers. 

Teachers are woefully underpaid. On top of that, they usually have to buy their own supplies, as the school system can't (or won't) pay for them. You can't blame all the families for not ponying up either, as there are plenty who don't have the means. 

Together but unequal, so to speak. 

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if teachers quit to do manual labor, or work at Wal*Mart. The pay is probably comparable, with benefits and normal hours. While I had some very memorable teachers, I'm guessing those are fewer and farther between these days. 

If you know who wins in November, education will truly be a thing of the past. 

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Old Lurker said...

710 is correct. The company was formerly known as "Educators That Sealcoat" and has been around for 15+ years, but they rebranded:

Travel said...

Two of the best teachers I had in high school left, one to work in a box factory, one to build pool enclosures - both left because they couldn't make a living teaching.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I wonder how much they charge for “hot crack filling”