Monday, June 17, 2024

My Music Monday

Remixes is the theme for the month.  Today and one more to go.  Phew. Probably. 

I alluded to in my initial one of a probable first remix 12" single I purchased. It would have been back in 1985. While not newly gay (duh), I had started going to clubs in Columbus. The main one I'd frequent would have been the Columbus Eagle. 

Oh - do NOT confuse this with the NYC or Chicago Eagle. It was nothing like that. If guys wore leather at this place - it was belts, shoes and satchels. You were far more likely to see a fan than you would a harness. 

Still, I was newly club-out and drank it all in - literally and figuratively. I encountered music one didn't pick-up from FM radio or fraternity parties. 

At the time I tripped upon "I Wonder if I Take You Home" from Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam (with Full Force). That is a mouthful.  Full Force would go on to partner also with such luminaries as Sa-Sa-Sa-Samantha Fox. 

Listening to it now, decades later, I can't quite remember the draw it had on me then. I was probably impressionable at any new music that was part of my newer life. Listening to this now is fine - but I'm amazed at how much of it I don't remember at all. It's not bad, but I can't say it's spectacular either. 

I should note - this early in my going out, I never got on the dance floor, not even for this, which clearly meant something enough to me that I searched it out and purchased it. 


I also never realized on this song how much Lisa Lisa sounds like Michael Jackson in his Jackson 5 days. 

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