Friday, June 07, 2024


I'm watching my weight. 

Yes, you've heard me say that before in one form or another - at least going back to 2009. But this is different. 

When I headed back to the gym in March 2022, the goal was to lose 20 lbs - well, said my doctor. I put it to 22, just to get to 185, which the BMI charts in all doctor's offices say is correct for my height. 

It took me two years to lose that 22 lbs. And it only took me another two months to lose another 12 - which I was not planning on. 

My monthly weigh-in, which was shortly after the marathon, had me down to 173. I mean, it sounds good, was a lot in a short amount of time. 

The "joke" is: I'm always hungry. I'm a furnace that must be fed. 710 no longer asks if I'm hungry and if I want to eat - as the answer is always affirmative, no matter the time. 

Granted, I've been eating healthier. Mostly grilled foods. Grains. No more processed cereal - just oatmeal and fresh fruit for breakfast.  Kind of. 

The thing is: I still eat like crap. Kind of.

Saturday runs have me going to a bakery afterwards, which sells (only on Saturdays) chocolate cherry muffins. So I get one for there and four to go. So for four days of the week, I eat one of those (with a banana) as my second breakfast. 

I still eat cupcakes. I still "sneak" M&Ms (dark chocolate ones only - I'm not a monster!). I average about four pints of ice cream per week.  And I still lost that weight. 

I'm trying not to obsess of it, but I don't want to hit the 160 range. My heavy training is over - for now, so I think I'll gain some back. Again, I only weigh myself once per month, so we'll see. 

My physical was last week. I brought up the weight loss with my doc. He was fine with it. Thrilled, in fact. We discussed the running / working out routine and he thinks I'm extremely healthy. But if I continue to lose weight 10 more pounds in two months, we'll take a look. 

The look means cancer screenings - lung and colon specifically, as those are the most common ones that involve weight loss 

In the meantime, I've resurrected our blender, which was 710's before we had been going out - so it's at least 39 years old! And it still works just fine. 

To combat my hunger - depending on the day / time, I will actually make myself a milkshake. They're pretty filling. It will usually hold me over until the next actual meal. Right now I'm like Homer Simpson - "I've discovered a meal between breakfast and brunch!". 

To be clear - none of my milkshakes, though better than yours - are bringing anyone to my yard. 

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Travel said...

Back in my tri-days of overtraining, I was down to the low 160's, my weight was dropping more than I wanted. Do watch it.

Old Lurker said...

I've seen what you bring for your lunches on the 12th day of the month. It seems to me that you eat barely anything at all (but then again I am a fat lardball who stress eats constantly).