Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Run Around

Oddly - or not - but since the Cleveland Indians turned into the Cleveland Guardians a little over a year ago, I have not been to a game. 

For sure, part of the reason are the crowds and my anxiety, but I'm working on that. Well, the last part. 

I did however go to Jacob's Progressive Field on Sunday.  ....and yes, for a four mile race 

Most races have some kind of tie-in or gimmick, be it a run for tacos, hot chocolate or doughnuts; be it for a charity, festival or what have you. This one didn't actually have any brand from the Guardians or Progressive Field. Neither was even mentioned by name. BUT - you ran from the stadium for a 5k on the city streets and then the last mile, the fourth, was inside the stadium. 

I should have done my homework, but I never do. I thought the last part of the race was around the perimeter of the actual playing field - and it was. But before that, one has to run the ramps up to the top level. There are 10 or 12 ramps. I might have reconsidered the run had I known that before sign-up. Hell, I didn't even know it until 30 minutes prior to the start. 

As it would turn out, while the upward ramps slowed me down bit, the overall run was good. 

Had it been just a 5k, I would have had a PR.....by two seconds, but still, the fastest I've run for that race. However, the entire race was 4 miles, but I had under a 10 minute mile - something I've only done once since the Cleveland Marathon. 

I was hoping for a bigger thrill of running outside the diamond, but it was still neat.  .....though the photographer didn't wipe her lens or doesn't know how to focus her camera. It looked like most of the photos were blurry.  Trust me, I wasn't running that fast. 

I ran with people from both the running and training groups. I finished in the top 37%. A year ago, it would have been in the top 73%. 

But it's my one race for the month. I don't have another until July 4th. 

Song by: Jefferson Airplane


James Dwight Williamson said...

Nice legs, seriously!

Travel said...

Venue races can be fun, I did one at Sea World in Orlando, Shamu and all.