Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Ad of the Month

June is Men's Mental Heath Month

Normally, I'd say it's fine to have 'X month' regardless of gender. But when it comes to men, mental health is different. When it comes to health, men are different. 

Traditionally, medically, women run the healthcare in the house - kids, self and make their husbands see docs. Left to our own devices, men's healthcare is summed up in five words: "maybe it will go away". 

When it comes to mental health, we don't say a thing at all. Or rarely. 

For whatever reason - in mental health, let alone men's - it is a sign of weakness. Abnormality. That people will look at your weird. Or differently, at best. 

Growing up, my hometown had a "mental hospital" or "looney bin", if you will. The 4th grade insult was to say "your mom goes to Windsor!"   .....the hospital, not Canada. 

Still, we need to normalize mental health issues, whatever they may be - and I may as well start with me. 

For the last two years, I have struggled (and sometimes failed) with depression and anxiety. I mean, more than two years probably, as I've been on an anti-depressant for 10. Now I'm on two. And I have a psychiatrist and psychologist trying to guide me through this labyrinth (pork!). 

I don't - and won't - unload any and everything here and now. I'm not looking for "oh no" or "sorry to hear that" moments. Your concern is appreciated, even if unsaid. But one can piecemeal this process over the course of posts. 

If you read for content, over the last year especially, I have made multiple off-handed remarks on "my mood". I am no different than any other man when it comes to not discussing things like this. I have the same aversions to the very stigma I'm trying to dispel. 

I don't have a great workaround for that yet. Maybe never. But I figure, I have a limited platform here, so now and again, why not try. 

The below ad isn't even US based, but it's effective. 

Ohio Department of Health had a 'Beat the Stigma' series that started with addiction and moved into mental health. I'll link those here.   .....and the host is cute, so.......

But I encourage you to watch the below ad. It's long - 2.5 minutes, but it's important. 


James Dwight Williamson said...

I’m essentially a prisoner of the medical practice I go to , but the antioxylytic I take works for the most part.

Travel said...

Life is a challenge,

Morty said...

You are not alone and you are loved.

anonymous said...

LOL! I worked at THAT "Windsor" for 26 years until they sold and merged with Laurelwood in Willoughby. Now the property is high-end homes. The old Linden Hall is still there converted into a beautiful home. Willow Hall, in the back, is gone and replaced with homes. There used to be a pond back there. Guess they filled that in? Memories!

Old Lurker said...

In addition to a psychiatrist and psychologist, it is nice that you have a support network (including but not limited to your Friday drinking group).