Tuesday, June 25, 2024



But no thanks. 

The email actually had a title: "Thanks for Applying."

Blobby got dinged by New York...........again. 

For those who might remember, I did not have success in the lottery for the 2024 NYC Marathon. You might also remember that I didn't have my hopes up for gaining access, like I did for the Chicago one. 

Strike Two. 

Still there are other ways to gain access. One was to run a virtual marathon this October, so one could run in the 2025 (!) NYC Marathon. 

So, you have to go through another lottery to be able to run the virtual race, so you could get a guaranteed entry (assuming you actually get accepted and actually run it) to the November 2025 mararthon. 

While during my run in Cleveland a month ago, I told myself I had no right to be even thinking of running in the New York marathon. 

Flash forward three weeks and here I was - hopeful. 

Yes, part of me hoped I wouldn't get in, so I wouldn't have to face it, but deep down, I really wanted it. And worse, I let myself believe that few people would want to run a marathon on their own.

In my head, I was already planning my route. As there'd be no hydration stations or extra rest areas, this was kind of vital, even if it was 4 months away. Where would 710 meet me for some of those provisions, etc.?   I got confident - like I had for Chicago. 

The first line of the email was short - not so sweet:  "You weren't selected."  They even fucking used a contraction as to not utilize unnecessary letters.

Then came the additional way I could get into the virtual marathon: fund raising. 

For a mere $1,310 dollars, raised and submitted 12 days prior to the virtual race, I could run - and if I finish -and would get guaranteed entry slot for 2025. 

But like Chicago, my views of hitting people up for money have not changed. It makes me very uncomfortable.  

Someone in my training group said to ask people IN the training group, who have gladly donated for these kinds of things. But as you know, I have conflicted feelings about the group and how long it took me even to be recognized. 

Adding injury to insult - on top of that $1,310, I'd have to pay a $175 registration fee for a virtual marathon.  And while I'm selecting the route, running on my own, supplying my own nutrition,  timing device and such - that $175 isn't coming to me for operational costs. It seems like a semi-money grab.I don't even think I get a t-shirt or a medal. And I'd have to buy my own banana. 

None of these costs cover the registration fee for the actual marathon either. It all adds up quickly. Then you can put travel, lodging, food, swag into that mix. 

I'm not really complaining about the cost - well, except maybe the $175. 

Since I psyched myself up for the virtual, the rejection stung. I was, and am, massively bummed. 

710 says to just write a check for the $1,310, but I'm not sure I'm willing to do that. 

No rash decisions. At least as of yet. I'd say I'd sleep on it, but that hasn't been coming easily lately. Ironically, I have to get up and run this morning.  

Song by: Todd Rundgren


Cr said...

Okay, I gotta ask…fund raise for who? The marathon??? (Cooper the dog’s Mom from NY)

Becca said...

This isn’t the best funding appeal letter I’ve read — or the worst!! — but I’m sure we could come up with the $$ — do it while you have the conditioning!

Blobby said...

CR - it is for a Children's Group. One doesn't even get to select a registered charity. But as Helen Lovejoy, the gossipy minister's wife might say, "WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN???'

James Dwight Williamson said...

It’s your call, seems like they like rejecting people.