Saturday, June 29, 2024

Solid Rock

Decent picture week. I even held a few back to use later, in case we have a shortage one week. You just never know. 

Simon doesn't even try to be coy about jumping up on the counter / stove. 

Background dude to a less handsome pup. 
Sorry - this is Gandalf the Grey material. 

I don't know where he got a tape measure, but he did. 

Warm afternoon walk in the park. We went into the creek for some splash time. 
Even he couldn't swim here, the water levels were far too low. 

When you want to look out the window, but are very very tired. 

Shep and I on a spare human hike. 
710 had a repairman at the house, and we didn't need Mr. Barky being intimidating. 

Song by: Dire Straits


Raybeard said...

All lovely. I think Simon (with tape) could fairly be termed as being 'piebald', a word I've never heard applied to a cat - until now.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Simon is at that age where he needs to measure everything. Is there really ever a less attractive dog. Thanks as always for happy pictures. A very long week and Monday I’m afraid will start with a bang.

Travel said...

That is shallow water, for a dog who is vertically challenged.

Anonymous said...

How bizarre 3 minutes ago my hubs referred to our cat as “piebald”

Old Lurker said...

710's love moniker for you is "Mr. Barky"? Aw. That's sweet.

Ur-spo said...

It can be tiring being a cat.