Tuesday, June 11, 2024


Hunter Biden's case is in the hands of the jury. 

To be honest, I have little idea about this case, though it has to deal with a gun. This is not his laptop trial, I don't think. I really should read the news, but it bums me out. 

With all the clamor of Von ShitzinPantz being convicted and the noise of an unjust court, one of the worst things could happen is if Hunter is acquitted.  

I know I know. He might be innocent, legitimately. But the Right will never hear that; never believe it. And the noise will be deafening. 

If he's found guilty - what the fuck are they gonna say? 

I did pull the below off of Mark's blog - and it is one of the more genius things I've seen in a while. 

Fucking Brilliant. 

The dems will never seize this day, as they are pussies. Still, conceptually, it's perfect. 

Song by: Björk 


Travel said...

When he did the background check form, he checked the box that he as not addicted, when in reality he was. If he knew that he was, it is a violation of the law. If he truly didn't believe he was, it is not. (It is a self report thing.) He might have been in denial about his issues, even if in treatment. He had a guilty plea worked out that avoided jail time, and politically that was rejected and the case went to trial.

James Dwight Williamson said...

In the past 36 months 12.700 people have been charged under this statute. 12 have been prosecuted. Hopefully if convicted he will serve no time. I respect his father for following the rule of law. For whatever reason hunters life is a series of bad choices.

VoenixRising said...

Blobby, you might want to label my blog as NSFW, lest some unsuspecting innocent click on that link and be greeted by a big hairy pair of nekkid buns (or worse)!