Monday, June 10, 2024

My Music Monday

Remixes are gay.  June is Pride month.  Pride is gay.  It's a theorem. 

But I'm "theming" June My Music Mondays to remixes of songs one might have heard in the gay bars, at least when I was going to gay bars. It starts narrowing down the selections immediately. Even more so, when I pick only the one's I liked. 

That said, I might just throw a nostalgic one in for good measure, even if I don't care for it or never danced to it. 

Still, it can't be said that New Order wouldn't get me out on the dance floor (oooh, a double negative!). Well, that an alcohol...or drugs. Or, and drugs. Blobby had the notion that everyone would be staring at him when he danced, so substances helped ease that pain. 

Of course, no one noticed me. Or cared. I wasn't Mr. Pez. (Actually, I might have been the only one to notice him!)

New Order has a plethora of remixes. I'm going with "Touched by the Hand of G-d".  This came out - I think - in 1987?  Maybe '88?. 

My friend Jon would point out that it sounded a lot like Ultravox's "Reap the Wild Wind" - something I've never been able to unhear since that conversation. 

Still - I like the track, and the band. 


Jonny said...

I stand by my comment! And it seems so slow!

Anonymous said...

Total rip-off!

Becca said...

And I was really expecting to hear just can’t get enough, I don’t know why! It seems emblematic of our dance dance dance period.