Saturday, November 04, 2023


As we truly head into Autumn - and it seems more so with the time change tomorrow at 02:00 - this entry makes you feel it a bit. 

Last weekend wasn't full of sun by any means. And it was cold.  And rainy. 4 of my 6 mile run last weekend was in the pouring rain. Eh - whatta you gonna do?  I find it ok to train in those instances, because a number of my races have been in bad weather. 

Still, it's not as fun for dog walks. Or our weekend hikes - though we do those too, in any kind of weather. 

710 was working from home and heard a noise. Mr. Simon was playing in a bathtub. 

The Solstice Steps is one of our frequent dog walk / picnic areas. It's hard to picnic in 40 degree temps and rain, but Shep still got his day out. 

The park is a few miles from downtown CLE. 

He is a LONG boy. 

I don't know this guy or gal. But they greeted me with gusto - and didn't bite me.
So they got pets!

Simon's Jackie O moment to the paparazzi. 

Different day.  Different park. 
Same temps. Same grey. But a good shot. 

Song by: Def Leppard


James Dwight Williamson said...

Simon poses like a dancer.Shep is the old dependable , he seems like such a lovely guy.

Raybeard said...

Lovely when most dogs that you've never seen before give one the benefit of the doubt (if any) and greets you as a long lost friend.
Simon, meanwhile, maintains the usual feline front of inscrutability - and, but naturally, you've got to love him for it.

Travel said...

The drive west along the Lake is fun, we did that last spring when we were in Cleveland.

Bob said...

With the exception of one cat, all of ours have been intrigued by bathtubs.
Simon is becoming a big boy.