Wednesday, November 01, 2023


Trick and / or Treat is done. 

It actually ended an hour early for us. The folks coming and going were sparse at best. We might have had 40 total. 

Heck, it took 28 minutes before we got our first person to stop by. 

It was colder than the last few years, but the alleged rain and snow have held off, though there might be some on the ground before I get up. I can't imagine it sticking. 

There weren't a lot of great costumes. None, actually. Some "kid" - honestly, I couldn't tell if he was 13 or 19 - had a shark costume on.  I go, "oh - land shark!", and a girl he was with said, "why does everyone keep saying that?"

I could have directed her to 1975 SNL skits, but, then she'd have to look up "1975" in her Encyclopedia Brittanica only to find out it's not just an indie-like pop band. 

So I just said, "he's a shark and on land".  I just got a look. 

While it was chilly, for the most part I stood outside, waiting and welcoming..........though it was a lot more waiting. I got to talk to our neighbors who brought their kids by. I'm glad we really like them. 

Stood outside I did. A house a few door down had Harry Potter music playing. You know the glockenspiel part - and I thought "oh, how fun!". But it was a bit slower than the original - and as it kept going, it sounded like music box music that was slowly winding down......and I swore it got slower and slower and by the 198th time around I was on the verge of insanity. 

I totally get why the US Army played horrible music over and over outside Manuel Noriega's compound a decade or two ago. I would have caved after 43 minutes. Gladly. 

After an hour, the street just kind of dried up. I thought about putting candy in a bowl on the stoop, but we have critters, coyotes, deer and the like. I didn't feel like tempting them with peanut butter Snickers. So, we turned out the light and made dinner. 

And I cannot get the Harry Potter theme out of my head. 

Song by: Gnarls Barkley


wcs said...


James Dwight Williamson said...

We just started getting children saying to me I don’t want that, I don’t eat that , I’m allergic to that. So instead of having to keep an epi pen on the foyer table , I just quit giving out candy . Our house went dark at 6 p.m.

Travel said...

There will lots of candy in offices today and the rest of the week.