Tuesday, November 21, 2023


We have really been lacking in the movie going / watching. I dare say my running schedule kind of fucks up some of our weekends. 

While there are few ones we want to see, I'm hoping we can get in a few over this holiday season. 

This one was a home viewing:  Nyad

On paper, it had a lot going for it: Jodie Foster, Annette Benning, the guy who plays Xenophillius Lovegood.  A story of triumph for an extreme athlete who is in an older age bracket - or ANY age bracket, for that matter. 

But it doesn't work. 

I've seen and heard Diana Nyad comment on sports on both ABC and NPR and while she seems direct and knowledgeable, in this venue, her character is harsh, loud, and unlikeable. I'm not sure if that is the actual character, or if it was an acting choice by Benning, or the directors - and yes, it took two of them to make this film. 

Foster is fine. Her work isn't outstanding, but it's credible and has some nuanced layers, which Benning's does not have or can't pull off.  While I knew the outcome, I never once rooted for Nyad. 

The only really goood performance was Rhys Ifans, who played Luna Lovegood's dad in the Deathly Hallows

Nyad co-wrote the screenplay, so clearly she has some insight here, so maybe that is what she's really like, but it's not entertaining enough for two hours, or even half of that. They mix actual footage - swimming and interviews with the real Nyad - in with the movie Nyad. It's been done before.......and better. 

I'm actually disappointed, as with the talent and subject matter it seems like it could have been so much more. 

2023 Movie Count / Goal: 11 of 15

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Travel said...

Four more to go, for you and Joe.

James Dwight Williamson said...

It’s a pretty boring subject. Diana Nyad, old woman triumphs in swim. Not surprised you are bored. Who would ever want to swim in a shark cage and get stung by jellyfish.