Sunday, November 12, 2023

Get Together

The running group had a celebration of sorts for the end of the last training program of the year. The end of the season cultivated of half and full marathons in the group for Akron, Columbus, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, New York and a towpath and Rock Hall ones right here in Cleveland. 

At least one person from the group ran in at least one of these. 

I skipped the celebration at the end of the Winter/Spring training session because I just didn't feel that I fit in. This time, I opted to go. 

On a run with my "wife" a week ago, I mentioned how the first go-round went and the cliques that were in place. She seemed relieved to hear someone else say it. She said it took her three years to not feel excluded. So my 6 months was nothing. But we both agreed to go to the one the other night. 

First off, it was at a bar.....where you saw Asa in yesterday's post. A woman - from the west side group - brought her dog who was adorable. We got a 'free' drink and a raffle ticket. This would be the first drink I've had since the Columbus Marathon and only my third drink since vacation in August. 

I walked in and a guy named Daniel, immediately congratulated me on my Columbus run. I was just about to do the same thing to him on his NYC marathon. Daniel is a superior runner, so that he even knew I finished or who I was, was uplifting. A few others who came down to cheer in Columbus also came up to me - which was nice. 

For a moment I felt apart of the group. Then while I was waiting for my beer, a guy came up and tried to order one from me.  "You work here, right?".   No Jim, I run with you every Saturday", was my reply. All that good juju I was feeling just had a needle across the record affect. 

Nonetheless, I chatted with Daniel, not just about his run but the logistics of the New York Marathon. He was more than willing to talk about it. 710 said, his family and friends probably didn't want to hear it anymore and now he had a willing participant.

I had my beer. I opted not to get a second one.  

Technically there was a raffle, but everyone won something. 95% of it was I think swag leftovers. Hats, socks, fanny packs, bags and the like. Two things would have been nice - $100 store credit to FleetFeet. Or a paid training program, which was about $90. I've already paid for my 2024 program. The first one, anyway. 

As you can see, I won a hat and an xmas ornament. The last one says, "will run for wine" on it.  I won't. 

I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to do with it, but I see it as someone's white elephant gift in the very very near future. 

When they were done with the raffle, they just started giving away the rest of the stuff, so I ended up with another hat. I can always use them. 

The coaches did the group ask of whose first 13.1 it had been. Then the 26.2. I had to believe there were others in the group who was doing their first, but I was the only one to raise my paw. It garnered a large round of whoops and cheers. I won't lie, it was nice. 

Only two more races for 2023. But I've already signed up for two in far. Some of the others will be lotteries. 

Of all my addictive behaviours - this is probably the best for me. 

Song by: Madonna


Old Lurker said...

Look at you in your hat! Totes adorbs.

I think it is hilarious that you won an Xmas ornament, although I guess lots of Jewish people do the secular Xmas thing. At least it wasn't a Bible.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Glad you’re fitting in , how old are you! Hopefully the running stays interesting and you get lucky and keep your wife.

Travel said...

I miss my running days. Enjoy them, remember them.

Ur-spo said...

dear me! It ain't a good sign when one receives a prize and the first thought is how to pass it on