Saturday, November 25, 2023

Laid Back

You'd think with a holiday week there'd be more pictures.  You'd be wrong. 

Part of that was two races in five days and I still worked three days in between. Simon has been keeping to himself it seems. Maybe it's winter-ish mode. Or growing up. 

That said, there are some decent shots. 

Oh - before I forget:  start sending your pet shots to me (along with names of each animal), as we are coming up on my annual reader pet post in mid-December. We had, I think, the most diverse submissions last year and I'd like to keep that going!

Shep needing content for his OnlyFans page. 

Simon just being a cat. He has found the radiators and that they give off heat. 
He's in his element. 

Stumbled into this. 
Not sure why he's up there - not that he should be. Worse case scenario: he tips over the lamp. 

Outside the Botanical Gardens.  
Day after T-giving and freezing. But he looked good. 

This weekend provided me two "naps". 
I don't take 20 minute naps. I take two hour naps. I woke up to Simon on the bed. He's always out of arm's reach. So far he's not a snuggler when I sleep like Tovah and Sophie were. Maybe when it gets colder. 

Song by: Crash Test Dummies


Raybeard said...

They do so appreciate their home comforts, do they not? One of the topmost Winter priorities is to keep them well insulated and happy.

Travel said...

In a couple of months, you may way up with him wrapped around your head where it is warm and fuzzy.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Not that Shep is second class, but I’m totally fascinated with Simon and his story. I so wish that lamp had been on, that’s an exceptional photo.

Happyman said...

Handsome boys, as always. My corgi also does that pose for his OnlyFans, but he doesn’t really have the legs for it.

Ur-spo said...

when in doubt get horizontal.