Wednesday, November 08, 2023


As with most things BLOTUS, I am trying to stay away from headlines, news, details - well......anything. 

It is tougher than you'd think. But it's better for my sanity. 

<---------- This made me smile. 

I've seen articles floating around lately about gaffes and memory losses for BLOTUS, along with that campaign saying Pappy Joe is too old to be president. 

Meanwhile, this tub of goo is only slightly younger and with a much higher BMI. If I were a betting man (I accidentally typed 'better', and that I'm not) I'd say if anyone was going to keel over, it'd be the human cheeto. 

Of course, I'm hoping he has a coronary in a court room. 

710 has to keep reminding me his NY trial has already passed guilt and this is just the penalty portion. I suppose that's good because there wasn't a lot of compelling testimony on who was running what at the BLOTUS org.  Michael Cohen was the only one who said BLOTUS & Co. gave directives on the fraudulent behaviour.  

None of the kids said that - though I didn't think they would.  BLOTUS claims not to have said that - not that I thought he would. And the CFO denied it too. Cohen could easily be seen as vindictive ex-employee. I believe him, of course, but I saw no other evidence tying BLOTUS to anything definitively . 

Again, I didn't really read for detail. 

This might set him back $250MM, but it won't preclude him from running for office. Maybe Georgia of the DoJ will.  Or Colorado. If they can keep him off the ballot, I'd be thrilled. You'd have think with all the trouble he caused in Georgia, they'd be fighting to keep him off too. 

Both those states have a Lauren "I'll Jack You Off on our First Date" Bobert (or whatever her name is) and Marjorie Taylor Cunt. So, the voters in those states aren't sharp tools.  But they are tools. 

710 and I restarted our conversations on IF 2024 goes back to BLOTUS. I can't live like this for another four years - or more. I get very upset evening thinking about it, but honestly, I'd very much like to live my remaining years overseas or down in Ecuador. 

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Raybeard said...

Thus is my obsession with American politics - Every single morning when I turn on the news my top thought without fail is - has Biden had an accident or had some 'turn' (non-terminal, of course) which will COMPEL him to stand down before it's too late to have another, more 'acceptable' POTUS (and other than current VEEP!) campaigning for (re-)election with time enough to make a positive impact, someone - ANYONE - exuding hope and promise.
Equal first thought is that BLOTUS has just had a similar health issue (in his case, terminal would be best!) with no choice but to stand aside.
Particularly alarming just yesterday was learning that a NY Times poll has put BLOTUS ahead of 46 in 5 of the key 6 states that Biden won in 2020, admittedly by small margins, but even so it's still scary as Hell.

Travel said...

Retirement visas in Spain or France start to look easy.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Congratulations Ohio, I am so proud. Last nights elections negates all MSM manufactured polls.

Ur-spo said...

I often feel the same way