Monday, November 27, 2023

My Music Monday

I've been in a Rickie Lee Jones mood lately. 

She has a new disk out, but it is covers, which makes it her third of that genre I believe. Most would know her from her debut album with her most associated hit, "Chuck E's in Love".  It's a great disk. 

Her follow-up disk, Pirates, was not a commercial smash, but it is so much better. It evokes album artists who didn't try to stick to radio single format and had songs 6-8 minutes long, making them unplayable for most radio back in 1981. 

The title track is what I'm using today and while did didn't conform to radio, it was more in the four minute range and it has some more commercial potential. It's not adventurous as "Traces of the Western Slopes" or "Woody Dutch on a Slow Train to Peking" (oddly the only two track on the disk co-written with Jones), but I still like it.   .....and this one you might sit through. 

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