Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Fox on the Run

One year ago, I ran my first race, a 5k. The Fox Run, if you will. 

Blobby returned to the scene of the crime 365 days later.......for the same event, though for the half marathon portion. I pretty much told no one. 

There were a few in my running group who were there, some to do the half, some to do the 5k. 

It was semi-cold. Nothing like last year, but a day where I was on the verge of: shorts or leggings?  short sleeve shirt or short sleeve shirt and long one over it?

I mean, it was 36° at race time, but I knew a mile in I'd be warm. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and we were running directly into the sun. Blindingly so. 

I opted for leggings and two shirts because everyone else walking from the car to the park had them on. I'd regret this decision fairly early on. Kind of. 

By mile 4 I was hot. I was trying to think of ways of peeling off my long sleeve and not losing it. Too nice to toss to the side, too much to just tie around the waist, so I kept it as is. But glad I did. At mile 7.5 or so, it was cold again, and I needed it. 

I had an impressive first half of the run. The second half sucked eggs. I wasn't happy with my performance at all - and while I should have been happy just to finish (and in a way, I was) I thought the year of running and lots of races would have made me better. 

Since last year was my first, I had no real knowledge of post race anything. I knew this one was a chili / beer thing, but those are two things I don't want after a race.........or before 18:00. But all races have water, chocolate milk, bananas and protein bars. 

Well, they had bananas here. Almost frozen and about 8 days from being ripe. I took two bites and tossed it. In the trash that is - not like, my cookies. 

What I truly disliked about the race was me. 

All that self-doubt I had that somewhat dissipated as I trained for the marathon (save for the taper weeks) was back - and loud. "You can't do this!!!!" it said with almost every step from mile 7 on. It was mentally debilitating and truly affected the run. I need better coping mechanisms. 

Still, I finished. 

As for my physical health, with my first half last May, I really had to lie down afterwards, in the grass, due to dizziness. When I got home, I took a two hour nap. With my longer runs, and the marathon, my recovery time is quite different than it was six months ago. Yeah, I have sore calves, but that's about it. I got home, and then we took Shep out on a hike and came back and did chores.  After the first half, I took the next day off work; this time, I was back in the office like usual, and right after a gym work out (though I didn't run until yesterday). 

The good news is I've kept up training and will continue to do so until the running group reforms in February. There should be no deficit in my abilities where I start from square one like I did this last February. 

I'm down, but not deterred. 

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Travel said...

I ran two halves, the first one was miserable, the second one was good. Watching this made me really miss running

James Dwight Williamson said...


Old Lurker said...

Yay! You finished! Even though it was difficult!

Ur-spo said...

I felt the same way last week on the fun walk - when I came in nearly last.
Down but not deterred - you inspire me to keep going.