Thursday, November 02, 2023

Sister Chirstian

I really don't have much to write about today. 

I saw Bobby Knight died. 

For you sportsball impaired people, he was a volatile basketball coach for the Indiana University for almost 30 years. 

He played the sport for THE Ohio State University. 

Regardless of all his wins, it is his temper for which people will remember him: hitting players and throwing chairs across the court when he was angry. 

It'll give people the creeps, but now and then  - mostly then - Knight had a hot-ish daddy thing goin' on. 

Sue me. 

I will say, his death gives me to use the title image. On Parks & Recreation, at a music festival called the Unity Concert, there was a band that played, which was called Bobby Knight Ranger.  At the end of their set they tossed their chairs across the stage. 

Save for the show's writers, I'm thinking there were 83 people who watched the show who got the joke. I know I couldn't stop laughing. 

Andy, the emcee of the concert says, "I've never heard "Sister Christian" played so many times".  It garnered another laugh from me. 

Song by: Night Ranger


Travel said...

I hope he had a pleasant after retirement life.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I’m not a fan I went to University of Kentucky for postgraduate and professional degrees. I think Bobby and Coach K both were treated with kid gloves. He lived to be 83 , but he’s dead , I read some obituaries with relish , his is one. Glad I never had a crush on him. Jay Wright Coach Emeritas at Villanova is more my style.