Tuesday, November 28, 2023

So Young

Back when the internet was young, there was this Top 5 list that came out daily. At the time I thought it was funny. 

They had contributors and subject a day that said contributors would submit their funnies to make it to the top 5.  

I attempted to break into that crowd and got a few try-out attempts, but never to actually make it. 

One of the lists were Ironic Celebrity Deaths. I can't remember four of them, but one was "Keith Richards: natural causes".  It made me laugh. 

Yet here we are 20+ years later and the man is 79 years old and still plugging away. Joke's on us. 

For the dozens and dozens of concert to which I have attended, the Rolling Stones has not been one of those - though on some level it is something I'd like to see. 

One could guess that them being in their late 70s and early 80s this could be the last go-round. I mean, they're already down from a five man band to three - though to be fair only one of those five has died (save Brian Jones in the late 60s). 

I'm not actually planning to go to their Cleveland stop, but never say never. 

I did smile at who is sponsoring the tour - it's absolute genius. It's not even a joke. 

Mick Jagger is the same age as Moscow Mitch. One struts, one freezes. I find it hard to believe someone like McConnell could ever have related to a Stone song even when being a young man. I'm thinking Lawrence Welk is too radical for Mitch. 

It would be nice if my AARP membership got me a 10% discount for tickets. And I'd love to know the average mean of the audience age - along with the ratio of guests to bathrooms. 

Song by: the Rolling Stones


Raybeard said...

During one of my many visits to Munich I was cruising the leather bars (as one did in them days) and while in transit in the city centre one couldn't escape the blasting unmistakable sound of Jagger's voice from a live concert taking place at the Olympic stadium a good THREE MILES outside the main city. You could still easily recognise the songs being performed. And that was FORTY years ago. You've got to hand it to them - all even older than me, by the way. They put the 'old' into 'old troopers' they do. Good on 'em!

Travel said...

Go! Why not? One of the iconic stories was the band riding around the lake at Walt Disney World after a show in Orlando, with him hanging off the side singing into the wind in the middle of the night. My middle brother was on the crew that had to do maintenance on the boat before it entered daily service the next morning, mostly taking out the empty champagne bottles and hosing down the floors.

Anonymous said...

Your AARP card will apparently qualify you for advance ticket purchase, if not a discount. With our younger generations likely asking who’s The Guess Who, I can’t think of a more appropriate tour sponsor than AARP.