Friday, September 25, 2020

Debate Exposes Doubt

Cleveburgh gets one the the presidential debates. I think we've had them before. I know we had a vice-presidential one with John Edwards back in 2004 (?).  It was a non-event. 

This one will not be a non-event. 

The debate, on the Case Western Reserve Campus, but technically held at the medical school right at Cleveland Clinic is about 1.5 miles from where we live and about 8 blocks from where I work.  This debate is scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday. 

The roads will be closed for this starting last night - Thursday.

Allegedly, they are planning on major protests during this. I hope there are too. They don't need to be violent, but c'mon..........this is's not going to end well. They've already enacted the National Guard. 

We have been encouraged to work from home starting tomorrow and at least through Tuesday. 

Since it is 2020, and Covid and all that shit, why are we having physical debates?  This would be a perfect time to totally revamp the debates. Virtual. Candidates don't have to even be in the same room, or state. However, the moderator could electronically pause either speaker for immediate fact check and call them on it right then and there. 

That's a perfect world, of course. I've said before - this is 2020. I do not see an instance where there are 'undecided voters'.  In theory, I don't see a need for a debate. 

I can find no data (and trust me, I looked) that debates affect voter turnout. I only look because the debates, especially these, are not about to sway any likely voter. The question I had was did it drive people to, or away, from the polls.  That, could be the only determining factor for why to have one (or three) at all. 

Since RBG's death, I've heard snippets of news here and there (fuck you very much, Mitt Romney!), so I see absolutely see no scenario in which I will turn this shit show on in the first place, let alone read about in the second place. 

All I know is that the Cleveland Clinic has a LOT of glass. Good luck to them. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Anything that affects the good work of a Super hospital seems counterproductive, but that’s this situational occupant of the White House.
I think there are a lot of built ins here. Hillary trounced her opponent in 2016, to no benefit, I think the last Obama Romney debate clinched it for Obama, although 37% should have been enough. Polling should be 25 %higher in Biden’s favor, I always feel like I’m being manipulated and the outcome will be how the press wants it. They are only debating, do I want ludicrous stories 4 more years or do I want sanity. Trump wants Ohio! Maybe this can be denied!

Travel said...

Have you seen the meme about holding a presidential debate in the Jeopardy format, with Alex moderating the answers and questions?

rebecca said...

I tried to find Samantha Bee’s undecided voter segment from John Stewart circa 2004 but couldn’t find it :(