Friday, September 04, 2020

Hangin' on the Telephone

It's come to this:  talking about work. 

That was my 'to-do' list from yesterday. I ticked off nine things completely and started a butt-load of others, but not necessarily near completion. 

Nine isn't bad. The day before, it was three. 

It's not that I'm non-productive, it's that I get pulled 851 different ways during the day, and that's if I don't have 4-8 meetings per day. I swear, some days we meet about meeting. It's exhausting. 

#1 on my list is my voicemail, and changing the message. 

Someone had to remind me that when I took this new job in June, I never changed my title, etc. Of course, anymore you listen to your voicemail via your email or computer. You don't actually have to dial into your voicemail account - which, it turns out, is a problem. 

In 19 months I haven't had to access it. But need to to record a new message, but I don't remember my password. 

So, call the HelpDesk, right? For a reset. 

You call in with your user ID, which brings up a host of info, but they still ask you for it anyways.  {sigh}

I tell them my issue, and the following is more or less the exchange:

IT: "we don't have that phone number in the system. It doesn't exist. 

Me: "well it does exist, I'm calling from it"

IT: "Sir, I'm telling you, there is no such number."

Me: "Since I know you can see my number on your incoming phone line, I know you can see my number, and it says 216.666.6666.  

IT: "maybe I can get your number by your name. What's your name". 

So at this point, I know they know my name, because they asked for my user ID.  And 'maybe they can pull up my number by my name'?  I'M CALLING YOU FROM THE NUMBER I ALREADY GAVE YOU!!!!!

But pissing off IT is always a bad move, yet one I cannot help. Or resist. 

Clearly, this check cannot help me. She'll have to pass it along to someone else. 

IT: "what number can they reach you at?"

Me: "this one!" 

IT: "is there a secondary number?"

Of course there is always my cell, but I refused to give that to them. Let them call my non-existent number to tell me it doesn't exist. That is now my goal. 

It's still on my 'to-do' list. 

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Travel said...

Ah, the joys of trying to get help, from the HelpDesk.

uptonking said...

I pissed off IT once. They reported me to HR. I explained to HR... I just told them my truth... that they don't seem to care about what they are doing, nor do they know what they are doing. So, to silence me, they threaten my job? Nice move. It worked. But, yeah... your story? Typical. Let me guess... your IT department? Is it outsourced? Because ours used to be in-house and everything was great... and then they brought in a contract unit and suddenly things went to hell.

Ur-spo said...

good for you!
I have an ongoing never ending never finished to-do list.