Monday, September 28, 2020

My Music Monday

I am thinking like many folks, there is a song of summer of vacation. Something you hear that reminds you of somewhere, something or a feeling. 

Until this last trip - which I suppose I'll write about at some point - we had none. Nothing. Not one outstanding song or even one that kept replaying (which is unusual for Sirius XM).  

Actually, that's not entirely true. We must have heard Fleetwood Mac's "You Make Lovin' Fun" 15 times. I mean, it is almost 44 years old!

But in that vein, we heard an interesting song. I won't say it's a great song, as I've now only heard it twice, but talk about it evoking the '70's. 

My Morning Jacket does just that with "Feel You".   And they do it with covering a few different sounds from that decade - where you cannot quite nail down one group / song it sounds like. 

There is a certain comfort in this song, one I cannot quite describe. 

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Life in a Northern Town - The Dream Academy