Tuesday, September 01, 2020

An Olive Grove Facing the Sea

 I'm not dealing well with news and politics right now. I'm fragile.  ....and I'm trying to only drink on weekends, so.............yeah. 

So I can distract myself with doggie and kitty videos. The Dodo usually has good ones, but too many have the sad beginning story, which can make me anxious. These days, it's not difficult to make Blobby anxious. 

I found a series called Olive & Mabel: two labs in Scotland. The videos were conceived and made during lockdown. 

I only found out afterwards that everyone from Julianne Moore to Ryan Reynolds loves these two. And honestly, who wouldn't?  They are as cute as can be. 

You'll see I've selected Episode 4 - so you can assume there are at least three others, right?  Possibly more. I'll never tell. It'll be up to you how much you want to see them. 

Episode 4 - the Company Meeting - speaks to me, in this time of WebEx and Zoom meetings.

Song by: Snow Patrol


uptonking said...

I get the anxiety thing. I had a full on Covid Meltdown last week when facilities where I work began cancelling all my conference room reservations and I came to realize that life as I knew it was over. I kept thinking this was temporary and that when I go back to the office, I will just pick up where I left off... meetings with many people in a small room. But, nope. Suddenly images from the film '1984' were dredged up from memory and I saw myself working remotely forever in a tiny metallic bunker. So, I feel ya!

Morty said...


James Dwight Williamson said...

Mabel, You are the smile in my day today! Give em hell girl!