Monday, September 21, 2020

My Music Monday

Listen - I know I've done this one before. And I. Do. Not. Care. 

The Cardigans' "I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need to Be Nicer" came across my playlist and I just forgot how much I frickin' love this song and band. 

This is from their last release in 2006 (2007 for the U.S.). 

I've listened to Nina Persson solo work, and it's ok, but I think the band, as a collective, brings more than she can just by herself. 

Technically, they have never broken up, so there is still hope for more music. 

But I do love this song. 

And yes.  I'm drunk. Again.  On wine.  Fuck the nicer part. 

1 comment:

uptonking said...

Wine is good. Gin... is better :) Enjoy the flow.