Wednesday, September 02, 2020

I Got Nothing

 I dunno. This is not a way to start out the month. 

I feel I have nothing. 

The thought of discussing something like Kenosha, with or without BLOTUS, is too much for my pea-sized brain.  My anxiety and depression start to spike when I see either mention. It possibly skyrockets when the two are combined. 

So, it seems safer for me to sit out a day. Instead, I'm gonna go to bed.  I have an early day moderating a webinar that starts at 06:45. 

Song by: the Bangles


James Dwight Williamson said...

Don’t feel any pressure to post or apologize, and even if you see a car or a flower. Theres your subject, ask the people at doggy day care the names of all Shep’s pals and what their parents do. I don’t blog and my advice is take it or leave but , I think we are all just holding place to Vote. In any honest court the case for the guillotine against Blotus is open and shut-Guilty As Charged! Thanks for all the stuff you do post!

Travel said...

6:45 AM start for a training, shift change in service training in health care. I presented at a few of those. One memorable one, as I was leaving at about 9:00 AM the inspectors were coming in, to shut down the nursing home. They had lots of training deficits.

Raybeard said...

Although your title and the mini-version gave away what your subject is, I still had to open it up to read it properly. See - still significant even when there's 'nuffink' there!

uptonking said...

Recuperate and re-energize. Lots of water. Close your eyes... listen to the silence. Feel better.