Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election Night

No - don't worry. Not another rant about politics. Not today. It's too late anyway. People have voted or on their way to the polls. If they need to read shit today to help them decide, well, then g-d help us all.

Nah - this is more of a "funny". I happened to pass a Value Shitty furniture store over the weekend and saw these sale signs.

Trust me, as stupid as they kind of are, they are the only thing that even brought a smile to my face this election season.

My humungo (yeah, spell check ain't gonna like that word) work project is almost over. I'm a little stressed, but by mid-day tomorrow, I should have some weight off my shoulders.

Song by: John Wesley Harding

1 comment:

Morty said...

Reminds me of the twin drag queens from a few years back: Anita and Safonda Peters.