Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Around the World in a Day

No, the post isn't about yo-yo'ing (wow, what doesn't look right, does it?). Here I am, the day of my big big presentation, you know the kind where career, or at least job, hang in the balance of it all. I feel like Darren Stevens at a McMahon & Tate pitch meeting. I have no sorcery to get me out of trouble, if I should get into it. I guess that's what domestic partner benefits are for - I can always go on Denton's plan if need be.

Anyhooo...Tornwordo left a little factoid in a comment yesterday that 49% of U.S. adults do not know how long it takes the Earth to revolve around the sun. It's something like a day. Or a year. Maybe an hour. I'm not sure.

Ok...I am sure. I'm just testing and teasing you.

Let's assume that the Montreal Gazette article is correct. It does not reference where they obtained that number, or if pulled from thin air. They also don't attribute if there is a Canadian conversion rate on that percentile. You know how things change once you hit the border! (I wonder if people know I'm just never know with these things.)

But these are the people, unless all 49% are felons or under 18, who vote. They are allowed to help shape how things are done in this country. They're also the ones who believe the Earth was created 6000 years ago.

And I know I embed this every few years, but I like to, just because I can - or until Fox has it taken off YouTube.

I only wrote this, not because of the election results. I'm writing this before I know all the election results (that presentation thing again - keeping me blissfully away from reality). I'm writing this with some ray of hope - that if them thar Tea Baggers and the right fringe take control, I have to believe it will be a short-lived thing.

I'm not saying they are (though I'm not saying they are not), but they will fail when they get into whatever office they will hold. They will be voted out in a term, be it a 2, 4 or 6 year one. They will be as ineffective as the people they replaced, though they will also place that blame on anyone other than themselves.

They are the 49%.

Song by: Prince & the Revolution


Cubby said...

It's a trick question, Blobby. Everyone knows the sun revolves around the Earth.

I got my fingers crossed for you today.

Birdie said...

This year, more than anything, I voted against rather than for. Mostly I wanted to clean house, since term limits won't do it for me.

I thought everything revolved around me.

Anonymous said...

Unless Denton's mother is a fabulous dressing, oscar winning actress who has it out for you, then you have nothing to worry about. Darren never got himself into trouble - it was all her family.

Best of luck today, not that you need it with all the hard work you've done.

don said...


rebecca said...

I'm wrinkling my nose for you!

I so brain-farted on the 49% question -- in front of my class of community college students!

cb said...

I'm fairly insulated from the vast quantities of "stupid" in this country.

But every so often I get reminded that this country will have a "normal" distribution of intelligence, etc.

And the left side of the bell really gets me down sometimes.