Saturday, November 20, 2010

Conversation with Death

Of course I went to see Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows last night. You knew I would.

But of course, now I'm wishing I had re-read the first half (or so) of the book again before going to see it. I'm getting mixed up on plot lines, time lines and details.

I had somewhat convinced myself that Warner Bros. was releasing this in two parts to delve into the details of the final book and not just to make money. While I'm sure they're not stupid and they are a business, it makes financial sense to extend their franchise. But I'm not sure it is for the detail level at all.

Do not get me wrong - in many ways, the Deathly Hallows stands on its own, even if it is without a resolution. I thought it was well done and visually had a great look to it, but many movies in a franchise are not fully resolved at the end, as to keep you coming back for more.

If you're one who has not read the book(s) I'll spare detail of what goes on and where, but it is nice to get out of Hogwarts, even if it is into the woods for most of the movie. Some of their trips to London and Godric's Hallow seem fairly sparse and I remember them spending more time in both.

But the animation of the telling of the story of the Deathly Hallows is so well done, but I really like a scene in the woods where Ron, Harry and Hermione are running - I'm not quite sure what was real or CGI, but the woods and branches themselves that they maneuvered through were quite a feat.

If I have one complaint, Daniel Radcliffe has somewhat taken a step back in his acting ability. He had been doing better with each movie, but something about his delivery of lines made me think of the first movie where he was like 10, and his lines were so stilted. Ok - it wasn't that bad, but he's done better. The other two do a fine job.

There will probably be another viewing for me....if my 17 year old nephew wants to see it. I think I've seen all of the movies with him, but it is possible he doesn't want to be bothered being seen with his old uncle at this point.

I'm giving it a thumb's up though it would be hard for you to go and see it as a stand-alone movie if you haven't watched the others or read the book.

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Birdie said...

So far my 18-year-old son is willing to see a movie with me, as long as I'm paying. He's no fool. We're going to see it on IMAX this weekend.

cb said...

I, too, saw it last night.

And until last night I have only liked ONE potter movie (Azkaban).

This one was dark, atmospheric, and gritty. I liked it.

Although I still have issues with some of the plot stuff that they either glossed over or haven't addressed sufficiently (IMHO).

Half-Blood was the WORST at completely leaving out crucial story stuff.

Raybeard said...

I'll be seeing it sometime in the coming week, but for no other reason than that because I've seen all the others. Must admit (and this will be blasphemy to some!) I've found ALL the films up to now pretty heavy going, also the first four (or is it five?) of the books which I've read. I don't know why that should be when minds so much younger than my own seem to achieve a level of involvement in both films and books which I don't experience. But 'duty calls!' (snore: zzzzzz zzzzzz)

tornwordo said...

I saw it too, the first matinee showing yesterday. Like you, I wished I had reread the seventh book because I don't remember any of it except they find the horcruxes and vanquish Voldemort. I liked it and want to see it again.

Ur-spo said...

We just returned from seeing it. What a depressing downer ! Well done, but oh so sad. I had to remember it turns out OK i the end
Dobie and my dog Harper have the same ears; I almost bawled at his death.

Cubby said...

Sorry I'm commenting late. I wanted to see it first before reading your post on it.

I read the first half of the book this weekend and loved it. It's the first fiction I've read since college and it didn't kill me like I thought it would.

I liken Part One to "The Empire Strikes Back". The forces of good are in a tough spot and it seems defeat is imminent. Nothing is going right and the hero is only barely able to scrape by. We all know what the next movie will bring and can only hope the director's vision of it will satisfy our incredibly high expectations.

Note to the lighting director: try using larger light bulbs. I'm tired of these HP movies being so dimly lit I have to strain my eyes to see what's going on.